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CoScreen Update: Improved Latency & Video Quality (April 6, 2021)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Following our public announcement on March 25th, we've received a ton of feedback and are working hard on closing any key bugs we've identified.

In this release we tackle:

Improved stream quality: We've made a bunch of updates to how windows are streamed to improve the performance under varying network conditions. This includes a codec switch from VP8 to H264 .

Fix for stalled/frozen windows and latency: Under certain network conditions, windows shared would sometimes show up as empty frames or freeze a few seconds at a time. This could also be perceived as extreme latency when trying to remote control something. We believe the root cause was our video bridge prioritizing the wrong traffic and we fixed it.

Only stable client available: As the product is maturing we have removed the ability to follow the development/unstable update cycle. This channel would sometimes cause major issues for users as we are often experimenting with infrastructure updates.

Please keep the feedback coming! Either through the form at the end of your next session or here.

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