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Download CoScreen v2 - Calling, Presence, Retina High Res Screen Sharing

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TL;DR: Get CoScreen v2 here

We are super excited to release CoScreen version 2 with lots of improvements across the board. Most notably the ability to keep a list of contacts and call them directly for all those ad-hoc debugging needs. As Carly Rae Jepsen would say itβ€”Call Me Maybe (next time you can't resolve that MR)?


Here's what's new in CoScreen v2

Watch the highlights in this video or dig into the details below:


  • Calling another user right from within CoScreen instead of having to send a link to a CoScreen, coordinate via Slack, or via Google Calendar (all those ways of course still work as beautifully as they're doing today).


  • Super-simple invite flow: Choose your collaborators to call/to take calls from simply based on your last interaction or by entering their email address.

  • Get your team onto CoScreen: Invite multiple collaborators at once during onboarding and via the "Invite Users" link under your user profile.

  • Simple user status to show if you're available without any frills:

    1. Green: available - CoScreen app is running and you're not in a CoScreen

    2. Red: busy - You're in a CoScreen right now

    3. Grey: not available - CoScreen app is not running or connection request is pending

β†’ That means, you set your status by launching or closing the app.

  • Upcoming: Local window moving. It didn't make the cut for this release, but we will soon bring a way for you to move shared windows anywhere without impacting the location on the remote end. This is one of our most requested features.

XL / pop-out video view

In some contexts, we understand that it is useful to see who you are talking to in a larger format. With the pop-out video of the active speaker, you now get even more flexibility in video sizes.

Larger video views thumbnail.png

More goodies

  • Favoriting and searching for CoScreen: As more and more users have more and more CoScreens, we've added a live search and the ability to favorite CoScreens.

  • Assign emoticons to CoScreens πŸš€πŸŒˆπŸ¦„: Bring a little color into your team by tagging CoScreens with an emoticon.

  • Major screen sharing quality boost when watching shared windows on Retina displays (e.g. most MacBooks).

Left old CoScreen 1.x, right new CoScreen 2.x, 200% zoomed


  • Auto-reconnect/reshare on connection problems: This improves resiliency if you're network isn't pristinely reliable and stable.

  • Indicate when someone starts sharing: You will now see the user flash a couple of times to indicate that a new window was shared. As before, you can just click to bring it to the foreground.

  • Sharing context menus in JetBrains IDEs: Remote users can now see context menus on JetBrains apps including Rider, WebStorm, and IntelliJ.

  • Call quality optimizer: If quality is bad during a session, we have added a notification banner to make it more obvious to help you tune your experience.

  • Improved onboarding flow: Allows user to fast-track onboarding to the most important steps.

  • And there's more: bug fixes...

    • Fix for a variety of white/transparent windows issues: Alice shares a window, Bob sees a window - as simple as that.

    • Fix for garbled video feeds with certain webcams (🀞 not yet confirmed if it fixes all cases but we're optimistic).

    • Block power save during a session: This got rather annoying and caused other strange issues.

    • Fixed underscore ( _ ) key mapping: And we plan on delivering more improvements in this area progressively (especially for our international keyboard friends).

    • Fixes for sharing VSCode in fullscreen: There was a small offset to the shared window when entering and leaving fullscreen mode.

    • Multiple Improvements to screen sharing: fixes for focus stealing, remote cursor timeouts and missing tabs on shared windows.

Here's how calling works in CoScreen v2

1. Click on the "+" icon next to "Your Collaborators" in the main menu.


2. Pick users from the list of whom you've been recently in a CoScreen with to add them to your list of collaborators (we're working on a feature to invite users by entering their email address).


3. Once they have accepted your request, both of you will be able to call each other, right from within CoScreen.


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