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CoScreen v2.3: Remote control fixes and onboarding tweaks

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

We know how annoying it can be when the right shortcut or typed character is not applied correctly on the remote end and you're just getting into the groove of a productive pairing session.

To remedy this, one of our engineers has taken a deep-dive into the wonderful world of key translations between different OSes and keyboard layouts. Some of this was already pushed out with the last release, but today we have more goodies:

  • Even better support for international non-qwerty keyboards—especially on Windows. And we shouldn't forget to mention Dvorak for all you typing enthusiasts out there.

  • We handle modifier keys better (Alt, Option,...). There are even some special rules for the Emacs IDE in there.

  • We also threw in some tweaks to our onboarding flow to make it even easier for first-time users to understand the benefits of CoScreen while not fearing that their windows are being automatically shared as they enter a session.

Update June 10, 2021 (v.2.3.17):

  • We discovered and fixed a nasty bug on Windows where remote control stopped working after an app was sent to the background and then brought back up again.

Update June 14, 2021 (v2.3.18):

  • Implemented a fix for some connection timeout errors we've been observing recently. If you still notice these issues, please drop us a note at

  • Closed potential vulnerability.

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