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CoScreen v2.2: A new XL video view and remote typing improvements

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Building on version 2 released two weeks ago, we're adding a few things that didn't make the first cut. Most notable is a new XL video view and some well-needed remote typing fixes for non-US keyboard layouts on Windows.

What's New?

XL / pop-out video view

In some contexts, we understand that it is useful to see who you are talking to in a larger format. With the pop-out video of the active speaker, you now get even more flexibility in video sizes.

Larger video views thumbnail.png

Improved support for international keyboard layouts on Windows

We discovered a few issues with remote control using various non-US standard keyboard layouts that we've fixed. A couple of examples

- A remotely typed character such as "ΓΌ" from a German keyboard would be interpreted as "[" on the receiving US client.

- Certain keyboard layouts, such as Dvorak, weren't being interpreted correctly and characters not sent over. Users could for instance not navigate a remote Vim window with j,k,h,l from a Dvorak keyboard layout.

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