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CoScreen for macOS 1.0.5 (December 1, 2020)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

The day is finally here! CoScreen for macOS is now available for anyone to enjoy on

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The day is finally here! CoScreen for macOS is now available for anyone to enjoy on

Key Features:

  • Multi-user screen sharing: Unlike other screen sharing tools, CoScreen lets multiple users share their application windows simultaneously. It's like you were working off a shared desktop!

  • Multi-user remote control: Yes, anyone in the session can chip in! You all get your own mouse pointer and can click and type into anyone's window. You can even move and resize each others window in a true collaborative fashion.

  • Multiple CoScreens: Create as many as you like to keep track of your various collaboration contexts.

  • Audio and Video chat: A must have to communicate, but with focus kept on what really matters. The things you are working on

  • Slack integration: Install the CoScreen Slack app and jump to a session faster.

  • Invite via email or link: We offer different options to make it easy to do work together. Use the email option to stay in full control of who can access your CoScreen. Or use a link to share in a chat thread or a meeting invite.

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