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CoScreen for macOS v1.1.19 (December 10, 2020)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Squashing some nasty bugs to improve stream quality and bringing you a new Chrome extension.

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New Features:

  • New Chrome extension: Scheduling meetings with CoScreen in Google Calendar just got a lot easier. Get it here!

  • Change display from the menu bar: You can now move to another display using this method in addition to the settings dialog, window picker dialog, and the CoScreen icon on the top right.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Several stability and streaming tweaks: We've listened to your feedback and made several tweaks to make the app run smoother and avoid unnecessary stream quality degradation. Specifically by preventing a condition where quality would severely degrade under high-cpu usage.

  • Better handling of high resolutions (>2K): We found a bug impacting many of you with those fancy new 4K displays. The experience should be better now.

  • UI tweaks to the invite dialog: We've made the various invite options easier to digest.

  • Prevent requesting multiple email verifications in quick succession: Trying not to spam your inbox if emails take a bit longer to be delivered and you click again.

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