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CoScreen for macOS v1.3 (January 6, 2020)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

In the first release of the year, we bring quality insights, hideable sharing tabs, and a bunch of under the hood optimizations and fixes.

New Features:

- Quality insights and tips: We have added an indicator of connection quality. By clicking on it you get a summary of what's good or bad coupled with tips on how to improve.

- Hideable sharing tab: The sharing tab would sometime get in the way of your work when shown at the bottom-inner side of a window. There is now a button to hide it.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

- Under the hood optimizations: We have done a bunch of internal changes to improve the overall performance and clear the path for future changes.

- CPU load when idle: We discovered a nasty bug hogging 10-15% of CPU for no reason and squashed it.

- Physical audio keys: We finally managed to get rid a bug that was blocking users from adjusting their macOS volume using physical keyboard keys while in CoScreen.

- A bunch of UI tweaks: As always we took the opportunity to fix some UI glitches here and there.

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