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CoScreen for macOS v1.4 (January 28, 2020)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

We’ve listened to your feedback and in another major release, we bring sharper shared windows, larger videos, smoother mouse pointers, etc.

Hurray! What’s not to be excited about with the new “DPI Match Mode”

Wait, what? It is our internal code name for a major change to how we scale remote windows to make them appear in super high resolution even when sharing between different screen sizes. We know that all of you who picked up a fancy ultra-wide monitor while your colleagues stayed on tiny laptop screens have been asking for some form of solution to this. Feedback on this new adventurous feature is highly appreciated!

We reluctantly added webcam video feeds a few months ago and ever since we’ve been asked to make them larger. There is now an even bigger one, but we don’t expect this to be the end of it. Not to worry though, CoScreen is still all about what you are collaborating on and less about chatting.

Other improvements include an improved onboarding flow for new users, buttery-smooth remote mouse pointers, and a bunch of squashed bugs.

Happy CoScreening!
Max Andaker
Co-founder & CPO of CoScreen

New Features

Sharper Windows / "DPI Match Mode": When sharing windows between different screen sizes we will try to match the size pixel-by-pixel if there is enough space. Otherwise, we switch to a scaled mode and send you a notification so that you know how to improve the experience. (Learn more)

This 60s video explains this in more detail:

Larger Webcam Videos: We've added a view that gives you a larger view of your peers.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Smoother mouse pointers: We've made the movements of remote mouse pointers less choppy.

Hiding mouse pointers: We've put a more robust mechanism in place to not show remote mouse pointers when not focused on a shared window.

Password requirements: We now show the user registration password requirements upfront to avoid that painful moment when you have to try again because you missed adding a number and special character.

A bunch of UI tweaks: As always we took the opportunity to make improvements and fix some UI glitches here and there.

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