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CoScreen for macOS v1.5 (February 10, 2020)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

While the team is working hard on getting a version for Windows ready, we thought we’d push out another release for macOS to keep you all happy. Keep the feedback coming!

Not all releases are packed with shiny new features, but that doesn't make them any less exciting for us that consider quality paramount!

This time we bring you:

Improved stream quality: We've tuned the codec to reduce unnecessary blurriness and make motions, like scrolling, feel smoother. Turns out we were just a bit too conservative in preserving that precious network bandwidth.

Less "jumpy" windows: We fixed a bug where some shared windows became a bit too excited and started to recalibrate their positions when sub-windows popped up. They should know their place now.

One click less to focus: We don't know exactly when this happened, but we started testing your patience by requiring an extra excruciating click to start controlling a remote window. Hopefully we can put this all behind us and focus on what's next.

Sharing from vertical displays: In some cases, windows shared from vertical displays didn't come across that well. We promise to treat all screen sizes with respect moving forward.

Onboarding tweaks: The tutorial is now shown before asking for macOS permissions, which will hopefully alleviate some of the concerns from users exposed to CoScreen for the first time.

Cmd-Q to quit: No more shenanigans in the response to this sacred command. Using it once is enough to leave a session and quit the app. End of story.

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