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CoScreen for Windows and macOS v1.6 (March 15, 2021)

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

This is a big one! CoScreen is finally available on Windows and got even better on macOS.

We can't overstate our excitement about this release. CoScreens runs on Windows after so much hard work! We want to hear what you think so please bombard us with feedback.

And as a bonus we've tackled one of the main complaints on macOS—missing context menus.

CoScreen for Window

A fresh new Windows client: It's hard for us to believe that the day is finally here after all those requests and sign-ups to our waitlist. Anyone can now get CoScreen for Windows on our website! It's pretty much identical to the macOS client with some Windows UI tweaks here and there and a smoother setup experience.

Context menus and sub-windows: The days of missing out on those neat VSCode popups are over. We now show most of the context menus and sub-windows generated by apps on macOS and Windows (but are still working on few additional scenarios). Drop us a note in the post-session feedback form if you're missing anything.

Keeping mouse cursors at bay: We found a couple of other scenarios where remote mouse cursors were showing up in odd places and took care of it.

Verify your email from another device: You can now go ahead and verify your account email address from a phone or whatever device that isn't running CoScreen. Who knows why we didn't think about this in the first place(?)

More stability fixes: We know that stability and reliability is key for this type of tool and just kept at it.

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