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V3.4: A much improved first-time experience for new users

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

CoScreen is of limited use if you don't have a colleague or friend to bring along. Yet, this is how many of our users experience CoScreen for the first time—in a silent session alone. So we completely revamped our onboarding flow and created the friendly bot May to guide you through the experience of sharing your first window while letting you show off your tic-tac-toe skills.

Not a new user? You can still try it out by clicking your avatar and selecting "Product Tour" from the main menu.

onboarding animation.gif

Additional bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug on Windows where some dialogs appeared too short when screen scaling was set to more than 100%.

  • Added a setup step asking for additional permission for macOS Mojave users who would otherwise not be able to share their windows.

  • Fixed a bug where processes would keep running on Windows after quitting the app. This could cause strange issues if relaunching the app.

  • We now make sure that new dialogs appear on the same screen as the dialog they were opened from. E.g. if opening settings from the main menu.

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