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The web client is here!

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Pssst — We haven't made too much noise about this yet, but there is an early version of our web client out in the wild. This has been a big undertaking by our team and solves a few problems we've heard over and over again:

  • "I was late for my meeting because I didn't realize I had to install something first"

  • "How do I join from my phone when on the go or running late?"

  • "We have one user on Linux so unable to use CoScreen for our team meetings"

  • "I'm not comfortable inviting people if I'm not sure they are already setup"

Please take it for a spin and give us early feedback! Just click the button "Join from browser" after clicking on a join link.

What works today

  • Viewing (multiple) shared windows and screens

  • Audio and video chat

  • Connecting from a mobile browser (though the layout needs some work)

  • Providing feedback after a session

What will work eventually

  • Seeing a list of your CoScreens (i.e. joining a session without having the invite link)

  • Resizing avatar videos

  • Seeing shared mouse pointers

  • Annotations/drawings

  • Remote controlling shared windows

  • Noise cancellation

What we only support on the desktop client:

  • Screen and window sharing

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