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V3.11: Bug fixes and framework updates

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

After our acquisition through Datadog a few weeks ago, we've been busy with updating the underlying frameworks, in addition to shipping a ton of bug fixes and improvement behind the scenes.

What's new?

  • Update of Electron and dependencies, the desktop app framework CoScreen is built on, to the latest major version. It delivered a wide range of stability and performance improvements even though it required us to adjust our UI and a couple of features substantially. Let us know in case you find any new issues!

  • Making the in-session menu of CoScreen more draggable: Users had reported that they struggled to move the menu when in a session because they had to click on the name of the CoScreen. You can now drag it by clicking anywhere on the header.

  • Bugs fixed:

    • Remote mouse pointers not shown when moving remote window to another display.

    • Missing macOS Screen Recording permissions on macOS Monterey.

    • Seeing two mouse pointers for reach remote user when using multiple displays.

    • "Share window" tabs don't disappear when switching macOS Spaces or are offset.

    • Scrollbars around the CoScreen watermark on Windows.

We're already working hard on the next major release which will take your collaboration experience on the latest macOS version to the next level, stay tuned!

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