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V3.13: Squashed a bunch of bugs

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

The core user experience remains the highest priority for us here at CoScreen and while this release doesn't bring much in terms of features, it tackles a bunch of bugs that our beloved users have reported to us. Keep the feedback coming!

What's new?

  • Fixed a bug that would cause sharing tabs to stop working in some situations — like if you left a session while in fullscreen sharing mode.

  • Resolved an issue where a fullscreen share wouldn't render properly on the recieving end.

  • Fixed a problem where a shared window from Windows couldn't be remote controlled while the sharing user worked on another window.

  • Found and fixed an issue that could cause the macOS client to crash.

  • Resolved a problem that would cause the app updater to get stuck and consume CPU resources when not in use.

  • Slight tweaks to the look and feel of the sharing tab.

  • Resolved some minor UI rendering problems with the sidepanel.

  • Improved handling of a lost A/V connection which could sometimes lead to the app feeling stuck.

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