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V3.14: macOS performance boost and Windows remote control revamp

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Our focus to evolve the core experience of CoScreen takes center stage again today. If you are running macOS Monterey (or higher) you will benefit from a sweet performance boost when sharing, and Windows users can rejoice in a full reimplementation of mouse remote control.

In both cases, we really want your feedback — either through the dialog shown after a session or this form.

What's new?

  • On macOS Monterey (and above) we are now using the new Screen Capture Kit when sharing windows. In our tests, we've seen a performance boost of about 20%.

  • On Windows, we have completely revamped how remote mouse control works. The result is an overall more solid experience with better support for hover states, less focus stealing, fewer issues when two people control simultaneously, better click-and-drag support, etc.

    PLEASE NOTE: You might experience an impact on the speed of your mouse cursor when sharing which can be tweaked in the Settings as shown here:

Other tweaks and fixes

  • As we are prioritizing building new features, we decided to remove the light UI theme. Let us know if you truly miss it.

  • We noticed that our CPU warning message was too trigger-happy and adjusted the threshold.

  • The leave button now stays put a bit longer so that you don't have to play Whac-A-Mole when someone else leaves and the dialog resizes itself.

  • We created an MSI installer for Windows to enterprise distribution easier.

  • It wasn't obvious that you need to give a star rating when submitting feedback post-session, so we added a little animation to make this clearer.

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