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V3.9: A new year, a new update flow, and no more Beta

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Happy new year! How about a fresh version of CoScreen to help you get back to collaborating with your teammates? Look out for several upgrades, including an automatic update flow. We also dropped the Beta label from the version number.

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Example of the new update dialog

What's new?

  • Updates are now automatically downloaded in the background and we added a "what's new" message after any major, and before any mandatory, update.

  • Removed "beta" labels throughout the app. We felt it was about time.

  • Improved the performance of remote mouse cursors and fixed a couple of related issues when using multiple displays.

  • We've been haunted by an issue where you sometimes had to open the settings menu for the microphone to start working. This is fixed.

  • Tweaked the quality notification to distinguish between client issues and network performance.

  • Fixed an issue on Windows where certain dialogs were not scaled properly.

  • A bunch of other under-the-hood tweaks for stability and performance.

Update 24 Jan, 2022 (v3.9.42)

  • General stability improvements.

  • Fixed a bug in the feedback form.

Update 27 Jan, 2022 (v3.9.43)

  • Fixed an issue where the network performance warnings were overly sensitive.

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