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V4.1: Advanced noise cancellation, connection resilience, video refinements

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

In this first release after V4, we're tackling a couple of items that have come up through your feedback (so please keep submitting it! ). Specifically, some of you have experienced frozen camera feeds and issues connecting to a session that we are bringing improvements for.

We're also excited to offer you more advanced noise cancellation. At first as an experimental feature, but it will eventually become the default mode if everything works as intended. Please give us lots and feedback!

What's new?

  • Updated our backend connection mechanism for fewer failed attempts to join sessions.

  • Upgraded our A/V codec from VP8 to VP9 and implemented better handling of bandwidth and performance degradation to reduce frozen videos.

  • Advanced noise cancellation is available as an experimental feature. Simply activate it in Settings.

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