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V4.4: Horizontal layout, auto-compact on share, and much more.

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

As we introduced our in-session redesign a few versions ago, we have received a lot of great feedback. Some of you really craved an horizontal layout to make it easier to put small videos on a line right under the camera — this is now available. Same goes with an option to get videos out of the way when something is shared. Let us know what you think in the feedback dialog after your session!

While more under-the-hood, we've made some drastic changes to how sharing tabs work. This was long overdue and should lead to a more stable performant experience. In the name of continuous improvements, we have also made it easier for you to submit logs for our analysis.

(Note: If asked on macOS to install a new helper tool for CoScreen you can safely accept. It is related tor our tabs improvements)

What's new?

  • Switch to the new horizontal video layout if you want to put CoScreen directly below your camera and keep eye contact with other participants.

  • You can now use CoScreen smoothly on the latest macOS version (Ventura).

  • Easily find current and new keyboard shortcuts across CoScreen as now highlighted in tooltips.

  • Make the gallery video layout move out of the way automatically as soon as a participant shares a window (enabled it under Settings > General).

  • Help us fix your issues by submitting your logs directly through the app. You will be offered to do so when leaving a session review or manually via Settings -> Support.

  • “Share window” tabs no longer get lost when you switch between macOS spaces. They also appear faster than before.

  • You can now also log in to CoScreen with your Datadog account in the EU region.

  • Solidified the remote control feature when sharing fullscreen on Windows.

  • Plus a bunch of other smaller tweaks and updates.

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