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V5: A true multi-display sharing experience and so much more

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

We've been waiting for this moment — and hope you have as well! The feedback has been consistent about a few things; Why can't I share windows from several monitors at the same time? Why are windows so hard to move? Why are my windows unshared when I switch between macOS spaces? Why do I accidentally click into shared windows?

We knew that fixing some of these things would mean digging into the very core of how CoScreen works, but to us, the feedback you give us is a never fading load star on what's worthwhile doing. Even if it meant a lot of work.

So here it is, CoScreen V5, and we'd love to know what you think. Good or bad — just pop a note in the feedback box and we might reach out if we want to learn more!

What's new?

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  • Simultaneous screen sharing from multiple displays introduces the ultimate level of flexibility. Share your VS Code window from one screen and your Terminal from the other. Initially only available on macOS, but support for Windows coming soon.

  • The experience when using CoScreen together with macOS spaces has been greatly improved. When out of your view as a sharer, we pause the stream instead of stopping it. As soon as you switch back the stream continues.

  • Remote control toggles on shared windows help you avoid accidental clicking and unnecessary focus stealing. Control is now off by default and super easy to access when you need to click, scroll, or type in someone else's window.

  • Remote windows are more easily moved around with the drag capability of the tabs.

  • In macOS Ventura a feature was added to let you use your mobile phone as an external camera. This is neat, but for privacy reasons we added logic to avoid it being selected unintentionally.

  • Remote mouse pointers movements are now buttery smooth and we tweaked the styles for different modes.

  • Added an indicator for the number of shared windows on each user avatar.

  • Fixed a slight shimmering issue that could be caused when windows were shared to macOS.

  • Added the ability to keep the UI with camera feeds always-on-top. Just head over to Settings to enable it.

  • We have done a bunch of investigative work and implemented several GPU and CPU usage improvements on Windows. For the best experience make sure GPU acceleration is turned on under "Reduce latency and improve performance" in your system's "Graphics settings".

  • We've dug into the stability of the app and fixed a number of scenarios that could lead to crashes or unnecessary disconnects.

And now, get started for free with CoScreen V5!

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