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V6.0: Terminal sharing and background blurring

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

Hurray, there is something new and shiny for you to play around with in this major release. Our new take on terminal sharing (we call it CoTerm) is finally revealed. It is built right into CoScreen and enables engineering teams to run commands and write code together with near-zero latency.

Based on popular demand we are also introducing background blurring for macOS to keep that pile of laundry or collection of dead plants out of sight.

On Windows, you can also enjoy sharing windows in admin mode and better support for context menus and sub-windows.

Please get the latest version (v6.0) by following the in-app update flow after starting CoScreen on macOS or Windows as this release is not backward-compatible with prior versions.

What’s new?

  • Introducing CoTerm Beta – a new way to share a terminal with minimal latency, and secrets obfuscation.

    Why CoTerm?

    • High-speed: Near-zero latency remote control at around 20ms vs >100ms with traditional screen sharing as CoTerm transmits terminal content as PTY/text data.

    • Instant team transparency and input: Up to 10 users can view and collaborate on shared terminal sessions.

    • Secure collaboration: RegEx and entropy-based secret scanning and filtering to make sharing terminals more secure.

    Beta limitations: CoTerm beta uses your default login shell but is still no replacement for your terminal app. You can’t configure your profile just yet and if you unshare CoTerm, the session ends immediately. Secret filtering is an early version and can’t be disabled yet.

  • Background blurring is now available for macOS and soon on Windows.

  • On Windows, you can now also share apps in admin mode (with remote control).

  • On Windows, better support for context menus in shared windows.

  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes move windows remotely.

  • Fixed a bug where full screen sharing would block remote control and annotations.

  • ...and many other tweaks and updates

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