Team CoScreen

V7.0: New copy link button, bug fixes, and audio improvements

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to announce our latest release which includes a new feature, fixes for the highest reported bugs, and improvements to audio quality.

New feature alert! 

Based on your feedback, we made it easier to copy a link to invite your friends to a CoScreen. Just click on the link icon and the meeting link will automatically be copied to your clipboard! 

What was improved on Windows?

  • Corrected a window scaling issue that caused remote windows and cursors to appear smaller than expected.

  • Improved remote window handling to ensure that remote windows can be controlled, cursors appear in the correct position, and user focus is not stolen when trying to control.

  • Polished the UX to make sure in-app notifications appear correctly sized, and that the CoScreen control panel does not move when initiating full display sharing. 

  • Fixed an issue that caused the last line of a CoTerm to be cut off.

  • Resolved a bug that caused the text in the “Control” button to be cut off.

What was improved on macOS?

  • Avoided entering a “beachball” state when sharing windows. 

  • Ensured borders on shared windows are correctly positioned. 

Which audio improvements were made? 

We’ve been receiving your feedback on poor audio quality. We went after issues that caused users to not be able to hear each other. We also improved our microphone selection management. 

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