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V3.12: Focus on reliability and performance

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

We will never stop investing time in reliability and performance — we know how much they matter for a stress-free work experience. Among other things, we took a deep dive into our tech stack to replace the stream rendering mechanism on macOS with promising results. And there are more such improvements to our core feature set coming out in subsequent releases.

Please note that this version is not backwards compatible and the update is forced.

What's new?

  • Apple Metal-based window rendering replaced OpenGL on macOS for easier maintenance and future performance enhancements.

  • 20-40% lower CPU utilization when sharing smaller windows as the shared canvas is now scaled dynamically to the actual window size.

  • Sharing tabs are now hidden when in full-desktop sharing mode.

  • Window focus stealing is now prevented when launching CoScreen.

  • Fix for an intermittent audio issue where you can't hear the remote participant after joining.

  • Fix for the XL video view so it always shows the active speaker even in P2P sessions.

Please Note:

If you as a non-enterprise user see a dialog saying that automatic updates have been disabled, please ignore it and restart CoScreen. The app will be auto-updated to the latest version without manual intervention.


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