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V6.1: Background blurring on Windows and CoTerm improvements

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

In the wake of our last big release (V6), we are bringing you background blurring on Windows, more flexibility in sharing CoTerms, and a few updates that didn't make the cut last time. As always, please keep submitting feedback to help us work on the things that matter most to you.

What’s new?

  • Background blurring  is now available for Windows so you can keep the space around you private. Go to Settings> Camera> “Video Effects: Blur” or select “Enable background blurring" in our camera icon dropdown menu.

  • You can now unshare and reshare a CoTerm window without ending the session so you can keep working in the terminal without sharing it.

  • You can now start and share multiple CoTerm windows in parallel to collaborate on concurrent terminal sessions together.

  • Fixed a bug where certain users couldn’t start their camera.

  • Disabled our oversensitive CPU warning banner for now.

  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

Update 10 Nov, 2023 (v6.1.58)

We updated our debugging framework for analyzing A/V performance

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