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V6.2: Multi display sharing on Windows and bug fixes

AUTHOR: Team CoScreen

With the end of the year approaching, we are fulfilling our promise from our V5 launch earlier this year: Bringing the gift of multi-display sharing to all of our Microsoft Windows users! We’ve also included a few extra stocking stuffer bug fixes that will bring you some holiday cheer.

What's new?

  • Simultaneous screen sharing from multiple displays on Windows gives you the ultimate level of flexibility. Share your VS Code window from one screen and your Terminal from the other. 

  • For Windows, we’ve also added better support for context menus, Task View mode, and virtual desktops. We also fixed a bug where moving a local shared window caused the window to unshare. These improvements will allow you to effortlessly remote control and collaborate on shared windows.

  • For MacOS users, we fixed a bug in Sonoma that caused the screen share menu bar icon to linger even after a session ended.

  • We’ve listened to your feedback and improved our connection reliability to prevent you from entering a state where you could join a call that appears empty. 

  • Other bug fixes: 

    • Got rid of shadow windows that would stick around after remote windows were closed. 

    • Ensured secrets remain filtered in CoTerm Beta even when a new user joins an existing session.

    • Improved sharing tabs so they don’t disappear.

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